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Cover Art
  This site allows you to search and download cover art to assist you in promoting the sale of the pertinent product on your online site.  
Cover Art Image Requirements: Cover Art Documentation.pdf
Questions/Comments: Any comments or questions can be emailed to: or
Directions for this search page:  
1.  Choose Methods to Search Site Check the box to the left of the name of the search category (up to three at one time) and press the Next button.
2.  Type/Select Your Search Criteria Entry boxes for the search categories you have chosen will be displayed.  You can then type/select your search criteria.
3.  View Search Results/Select Cover Art Once the search has been submitted, your results will be shown.   You will then be able to select part or all of your search results for download.
4.  Fill Out Request Form When you are ready to download your art, fill out our short form.   Here you can choose if you would like to download these files as a tar or a zip file.
5.  Download Tar/Zip File Your tar or zip file will be ready for you to pick up with a link that will take you to the temorary directory where it will be held for 7 days.
On this site: We have posted several types of graphics files for our covers.  First, we have standard 24 bit RGB TIFF files that were rendered from the original electronic files at 72dpi, same size as the original.  We feel this is the most flexible format since these files can be batch converted to meet anyone's specific size/format concerns. By downloading these files, you will be able to convert to new formats (i.e. PNG)  and/or increase the size of the display files as bandwidth increases without having to re-download another version of the file.
We have also included four different sizes of JPEG files that we use for our web site.   We have a 250 pixel high standard, a 400 pixel high standard, a 140 pixel wide and a 75 pixel wide standard.   We include these for your convenience.  We recommend using the Tiff to convert to any other size or format as desired.

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